27TH JUNE 2023


27TH JUNE 2023

The FEMME World Tour will bring together a community of paradigm-shifters who want to connect more deeply with themselves, others and the world around them.

The FEMME Experience, UK

It is my greatest pleasure to invite you to Cliveden House, Buckinghamshire for 48 hours of immersive healing, BIG ideas and total indulgence.

Against a dazzling backdrop of luxury (no expenses spared), I am inviting my sisterhood circle to learn the science and artform of feminine energetics. This is a day for powerful and deeply healing conversations, hands-on transformation, life-long friend-making and a healthy side of all-out luxury.


The Provocateurs Parlour

£555 – 10am-5pm

A day of teachings and revelations awaits you within the storied walls of Cliveden House

Be transported to old-world glamour in one of England’s most luxurious and decadent countryside hotels (known for its powerful personalities and iconic parties), where you will spend the day mastering the science of energetics through the feminine lifeblood that connects us. 

This is a hands-on transformation for those who have been yearning for connection with like-minded women. Over a lavish high tea in the hotel’s parlour, and the sort of atmosphere only achieved at a besties brunch, you will be guided through the ancient wisdom of energetics and into deep healing. 

Alongside my signature trainings of the 10 Energy Bodies, I will also be sharing brand-new teachings developed exclusively for this event.

This will be a safe space for conversation and connection … and an opportunity to enjoy the finer things in life: great food, great wine and great people, together in the glamorous English countryside. 

What to expect:

• Old-world glamour in one of the country’s most exclusive countryside hotels

• Intimate conversation and connection

• Hands-on transformation

• Exclusive teachings

The Sisterhood Soiree

6:30PM – 9PM


A dinner party for those who dare to dive deeper

Pull out your cocktail dresses and join me in Cliveden’s famous private dining room for a champagne reception and 3-course feast. 

Dive deeper into the teachings of the day and receive personalised feedback and coaching against the backdrop of Downton-worthy grandeur. This will be the dinner party to rival all dinner parties – a chance to dress up, think big and rub shoulders with like-minded women.

Witness other women on their transformation: share secrets and truths, debate and deliberate, examine and evolve … and toast to the new you.

For those yet to experience my one-to-one coaching, this is an opportunity to crack yourself open and peer inside; a fast-track to healing that couldn’t possibly be performed over Zoom, or Telegram, (because some things are better said over a glass of Laurent Perrier and a sense of belonging).

What to expect:

Champagne reception
3 course meal
Private dining room
Intimate setting
This is where our convos get personal & deep AF
Limited spaces for 18 VIP guests

The Four-Poster Stay 


Come for the transformation, stay for the four-poster bed and breakfast spread

Make use of the famous Jackson discount and stay the night in one of Cliveden’s beautiful rooms, with access to the spa and grounds on both days, and a breakfast spread to be enjoyed in bed or the breakfast room. 

Click here to explore Cliveden!

Currently only 3 more spaces available!

The Recalibration Retreat



Bespoke spa treatments and life-changing coaching will form the ultimate “treat yourself” day

Four special guests will join me and the lovely Chloe for a whole day of deep healing and metamorphosis. Over a garden party lunch, afternoon high tea and spa treatments, we will sequence your epiphanies and revelations from the previous day and create a personalised embodiment practice for you. 

Expect a full energy body and mindset recalibration as we expand on the energetics teachings and mastermind additional strategy pieces. We will record subliminal audios and you will have a chance to broach specific trauma, blocks or pain points with me. 

Moments of one-to-one coaching will complement the intimate, 4-person group work allowing for moments of shared learning and deeply personal reflection.

What to expect:

Lunch party, afternoon tea & spa visit
A deep dive into the previous day’s epiphanies & revelations
A personalised embodiment practice
Energy body & mindset recalibration
Includes a Telegram Day check-in 2 months later